a little bit about me


Hi, I’m Helen Greenstein and I’m a textile artist. 

Born in Athens, Greece where I was given the name Eleni, I always knew I wanted to be an artist. Inspired by my mother’s skill with intricate embroidery, my Yia-Yia’s talents for making lace, and my grandmother’s love of crafting, my passion grew as I did. It didn’t hurt that I was showered with accolades from teachers as well as support and praise from my family. 

My somewhat freakish obsession with all things hand-made resulted in a 10-year exploration of every artistic medium I could get my hands on. But it wasn’t until I picked up a book on hand-stitched felt projects that the lightbulb went off that lit the path to the medium that would define me as an artist. 

Today, I continue to transform expectations of what felt can do by crafting all kinds of felty goodness from hand-stitched personalized dolls and custom-made baby mobiles to stuffed animals and pop culture inspired fine art pieces.

I was raised in Poughkeepsie, NY and currently live in Atlanta, GA with my hilarious husband, adorable son, inspirational mother and two super needy cats. 


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