project | 100 dolls so far

I’ve been commissioned by to create felty versions of their employees as a work anniversary gift. 

So far, the 100 dolls have had their challenges – like making plaid out of felt or creating a doll sized Gibson guitar. But the real fun is capturing personal details like interchangeable mohawks, a Kiwi bird, or a Hazmat suit (long story). 

10" tall. Hand stitched. Made of felt, thread and some stuffing.



100 Moo Dolls



Creating a detailed 5.5" Gibson Les Paul Guitar takes time. 8 hours to be exact. Watch my process at a slightly faster pace. Hand made. Made of felt and thread.


This 2-minute video represents an 8-hour process of making this doll. This doesn't even include the 1 1/2 hours it takes just to make the naked doll, which is the starting point. Made of felt. All hand-stitched. Doll is approximately 10" tall.... 10.25" including the hair. See more of my work at